Route Muxía – Facho Summit

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From the summit of Mount Facho there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Muxían peninsula and the estuary. To get there, you first pass along beautiful beaches and dunes, where you can observe unique vegetation that grows in this type of ecosystem.

On the way, it is interesting to observe the architecture of constructions such as houses, granaries and sheds, typical of the area.

  • Circular route on foot.
  • Route:
    • Coído square.
    • Soccer field.
    • Arliña beach.
    • Lourido beach.
    • Lourido village.
    • Facho summit (312 metres).
    • Xurarantes.
    • Muxía, going through Bico fountain.
  • Longitude:
    • 15 kilometres.
  • Dificulty:
    • Medium.
  • Duration:
    • 3 hours.
  • Initial and final point: Coído square.