Bird watching route Nemiña fields & Lires estuary

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A picturesque itinerary, which will lead us along the countryside and the coastal landscape of Nemiña`s Cove. Beaches, dune systems, estuaries, cliffs and agro-pastoral mosaics, give refuge to a rich bird community, with a large number of aquatic and sea birds and a heterogeneous sample of ones belonging to open terrains, such as those linked to agricultural lands, pastures and bush areas. Furthermore, the key geographic location and the appropriate environmental features brought together in this area, makes it an ideal location for seekers of rarities and rare birds.

  • Circular route on foot.
  • Route:
    • Nemiña.
    • Talón.
    • Nemiña beach.
    • Lires estuary.
    • Vilela of Nemiña.
    • Nemiña.
  • Longitude:
    • 8 kilometres.
  • Dificulty:
    • Low.
  • Duration:
    • 3-4 hours
  • Initial and final point: Nemiña.