Parish church of Saint María

Under the protection of Mount Corpiño and above some stones, in the far north of the town of Muxía, stands the parish church of Saint María of Muxía. There is little data with regards to the origin of this beautiful temple. We know that it was donated in 1203 by Pope Innocent III, with all its belongings, to the cistercean monastery of Carracedo (O Bierzo).

It belongs to a transitional Romanesque style. It is formed by just one nave, with a wooden roof and is divided into three segments by two pointed arches that support themselves on columns attached to the side walls.

The apse has a rectangular shape, accessed through a pointed triumphal archway, supported, just as the other three that sustain the vault, above semi-columns, all of which are finished in capitals adorned with different motifs.

The church’s main door has a pointed arch, with an archivolt adorned with an embossment and sustained above two columns that have two marble capitals as a base. The tympanum is smooth, leaning over sculpted corbels, one of them imitating the figure of a friar.

Both in the southern part as in the guide base of the church, buttresses that help reinforce the walls, appear. A rectangular shaped door opens up in the south side.

Attached to the north wall, accessible from the inside of the church through an ogival door, the interesting gothic-style Rosario chapel, built at the end of the XIV century, is found, with a rectangular shape, covered by a ribbed vault in which its diagonal arches lean on each corner above corbels finished in beautiful capitals.



Virxe da Barca Street. Muxía, A Coruña