Route Muxía – Moraime – Area Maior

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A Cruz viewpoint

From the viewpoint at A Cruz, next to the visitor reception area, head for Moraime on the country road towards the crossroads at Berdoias. If you are on foot it will take you about 50 minutes to cover the distance and about 10 minutes if you go by car.

On leaving you will see A Cruz beach and the pathway linking it to Espiñeirido beach. This will be your route on the way back, by the sea. If you wish to have a magnificent view over the two beaches and the coastline, and at the same time identify the route back, take a moment to go up Mount Enfesto.

Now it’s time to set off! And if you would like to enjoy another panoramic view of Muxía from the A Carrúa Summit on the way to Moraime, turn right off the road where you see a water tank, just in front of the way to Mount San Roque. Take the path that leads to the woods until you come to a burial mound and the Stone of the Gallows (Pedra da Forca). Here is where the monks from Moraime hanged condemned criminals with a view of Muxía in the background

Moraime, monastery of the Sea

At Moraime you will discover a brilliant and splendid past.

Founded in the 10th century, Moraime was first related to the powerful family of the Counts of Traba, and later to the priory of San Martín Pinario in Santiago. Muxía owes its birth to Moraime. For years the town’s economy and trade depended on the monks’ orders.

On the site where the church stands – all that is now left of the monastery – remains from the Roman and Germanic periods were found during the excavations that took place in 1972, when the site was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Legend has it that a secret tunnel communicated the monastery with the beach of Valverde, very close to our next stop, the beach of Os Muíños and Area Maior.   Off we go! Cross the Muxía-Berdoias road and go towards Area Maior through the village of Os Muíños.

Area Maior / Os Muiños beach

Area Maior – Os Muiños beach is the longest of the six in the bay of Merexo. The River Negro comes down from the village of Os Muíños and flows into the sea here, where there is a recreation area. There are some small dunes by the beach where various kinds of marine plants grow and waders live.

The chapel of San Roque is nearby, at the highest point of Chorente. The “tile changing” rite was held here in the past; it consisted of changing the position of a tile in the direction you wished the wind to blow from, so that sailors could come safely into port.

You can come back to the town via the headland of Espiñeirido, and the beach of the same name, and then go on to the headland of A Cruz. The views over the seafront of Muxía are magnificent and unmistakable!

  • Circular route on foot.
  • Route:
    • A Cruz viewpoint.
    • Moraime, monastery of the Sea.
    • Area Maior – Os Muiños beach.
    • Muxía.
  • Longitude:
    • 11 kilometres
  • Dificulty:
    • Medium
  • Duration:
    • 3 hours
  • Initial and final point: A Cruz viewpoint.