Coastal route Muxía – Fisterra

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It represents the section of the so-called Coast Way (Camiño da Costa) that runs through the Muxían municipality. The trip begins in the town and the itinerary is done on foot and passes along places such as Lourido, Xurarantes, Figueiroa, Vilela, Morquintián, Guisamonde, Frixe and Lires (Baosilveiro bridge), this last one located in the municipality of Cee. It is a signalled route and historically recognised, considered as complementary to the traditional Way of St. James (Camiño de Santiago) to Muxía or Fisterra.

This route also corresponds to the last two stages of the Camiño dos Faros (Lighthouses Route), the seventh stage of Muxía – Nemiña and the eighth stage of Nemiña – Fisterra. For more information on this last route, press the following links:

  • Lineal route on foot.
  • Route:
    • Muxía.
    • Lires.
    • Fisterra.
  • Longitude:
    • 28,65 kilometres.
  • Dificulty:
    • Medium.
  • Duration: 10 hours, more or less.
  • Initial point: Sanctuary of  Virxe da Barca at Muxía.
  • Final point: Sanctuary of Saint Cristo at Fisterra.