Popular celebrations and events

Muxía and its parishes celebrate their patron saint festivities, especially in summer. These are the festivities that attract many visitors and that anyone can enjoy.

Corpus Christi at Muxía

Lady of Pilar at Suxo: 17, 18 e 19 de xuño.

Saint Xoán at Bardullas: 24 de xuño.

Saint Pedro at Leis: 29-30 de xuño.

Socorro at Coucieiro: 2 e 3 de xullo.

Socorro at Vilastose: 9 e 10 de xullo.

Carme at Moraime: 23 e 24 de xullo.

Saint Mariña: 18 de xullo.

Sacrament at Frixe: 25 de xullo.

Carme at Muxía: 30 e 31 de xullo.

Saint Cristovo at Nemiña: 31 de xullo.

Saint Isidro at Quintáns: 6 e 7 de agosto.

Xunqueira at Morquintián: 13, 14 e 15 de agosto.

Socorro at Saint Martiño of Ozón: 21 de agosto.

Saint Roque at Moraime: 20 e 21 de agosto.

Our Lady of The Barca Pilgrimage: The celebration is on the second Sunday of September. If Sunday coincides with day 8, it´s passed for day 15.

Lady of Lourdes at Leis: 3 de setembro.

Santiña at Trasufre: 21 de setembro.

Dried conger culinary event

The dried conger culinary event is the exaltation of the most typical product of Muxía. During the Good Friday there are musical performances and parades around the town, while visitors and neighbors can taste the fish elaborated in different ways (pie, stew, grilled …).

Quintáns horse event

The San Isidro Association at Quintáns organizes the meeting of horseman on the first Sunday of September. They develop activities from the morning, such as horseback riding, picnic and free demonstration of walking, trotting and dressage. They also organize popular and children’s games.

Popular celebrations

The Carnival: costume contest, tapas route and the Barnacle burial.

Easter: Craft shows and dried conger eel festival.

Galician Literature Day, May 17: acts of literary and musical type about the honored author.

A Barca pilgrimage: a week before, talks, exhibitions and theater and music activities are held.

The Samaín.

Christmas: Poetry recital, short stories, performances and Kings cavalcade (january, 5th) are celebrated.