Literature route. Poet López Abente

In 1971, the Galician Literature Day was dedicated to the poet Gonzalo López Abente, eight years after his death. The sea poet has many places in the town of Muxía that were a reference to him, as is the monolith that is found at the entrance to the town and is the beginning of this route.

One of the stops is the place where López Abente lived, located in the Virxe da Barca street and which is today reformed.

  • Town route on foot.
  • Route:
    • López Abente monument.
    • Port.
    • López Abente house.
    • Cabo da Grixa stone cross.
    • Rechinola grotto.
    • Sanctuary of Our Lady of A Barca.
    • Stones of A Barca.
    • O Corpiño viewpoint.
    • A Pel road and fountain.
    • O Coído
    • A Camposa.
  • Longitude:
    • 3 kilometres.
  • Dificulty:
    • Low.
  • Duration:
    • 1 hour.
  • Inicial point: López Abente monument.
  • Final point: A Camposa.