Route O Lago beach- Saint Martiño of Ozón

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This circular route takes you walking by the sea, the river, go through oak forests and enter the municipality’s interior small centers, where you can enjoy contemplating several Romanesque buildings and the interesting architectural Saint Martiño of Ozón ensemble, composed of a temple that was once part of an old Benedictine Monastery, a grand rectory house and an impressive granary of the XVII Century, the fifth longest in Galicia with 21 pairs of feet.

  • Circular route on foot.
  • Route:
    • O Lago beach.
    • O Lago lighthouse.
    • Leis, through Atalaia neighborhood.
    • Arriba village.
    • Church of Saint Pedro of Leis.
    • Church of Our Lady of A O.
    • Sendón.
    • Quintáns.
    • Pedregás.
    • Saint Martiño of Ozón.
    • Merexo.
    • O Lago beach.
  • Longitude:
    • 11 kilometres.
  • Dificulty:
    • Low.
  • Duration:
    • 3 hours & a half.
  • Initial and final point: O Lago beach.