Muxía’s gastronomy is characterized by its traditional and popular varied cuisine, made with seafood and land products. The traditional culinary essence is preserved, having been handed down over the years from one generation to another.

A wide variety of fish and seafood is available, especially bass, hake, conger eel, barnacles, spider crabs, crabs, squids… They can all be tasted grilled, in fish stew…in any of the local restaurants.

As in the rest of Galicia, pork shoulder with turnip greens is also typical in Muxía, and is usually cooked from the beginning of November until Carnival time. The season’s typical dessert, pancakes and ears, can also be tasted.

One should also not forget the different types of pies made by the local bakers. Its elaboration is extremely varied, especially the ones made with cod, meat, cockles, tuna, octopus…